Things I designed

More can be found on my Behance!

(me at my first exhibition at age 9)

(my drawing was about brushing your teeth)

(I don't know why I drew a cat, we didn't have one)

Generative Art, 2022

made with Wolfram Mathematica

The Kuramoto Model with phase-lag, revisualized. Third place at Wolfram Computational Art Contest.

Science Rendezvous, 2022

Math booth poster

made for the math booth at Science Rendezvous.

Math Club at Western's logo, 2018

the official design for the MaCAW's logo.

Misc., 2017-2018

Other fun things I created while enrolled in the Media Information Technoculture program at Western. At the time, I took a visual art course and produced promotional material for the Faculty Student Countil, FIMSSC.

High School Stuff.