About me 👇

(TLDR: I am a mathematician & illustrator.)

Hi there, my name is Jacqueline Doan.

In my free time, I'm brushing up on my Vietnamese, and my current favourite Vietnamese book is Tôi Thấy Hoa Vàng Trên Cỏ Xanh. I'm also an illustrator with an interest in science communication.

Inspired by my experience as a first-gen graduate student and an immigrant, I always find opportunities to advocate for underrepresented groups in mathematics. If you want to get involved in future initiatives at Western, please feel free to shoot me an email or check out the Association for Women in Mathematics - Western Chapter

Of course, all views expressed on this website are my own.

my secret page lies here!

Uh, illustrator? 

I was formally trained in watercolour, acrylic, and oil painting from grade 3 up to when I immigrated to Canada in grade 8! I also picked up manga-style art and mastered line art with dipped pens. Now, my creative outlet is in the form of digital illustrations, video editing, and occasionally painting. Check out some of my design work here. my secto ret page lies here!